Warning Signs

Have you ever wondered about the the common attributes of an active shooter? Well, I wondered it many times, so I spent two years researching and looking at others research. In 97% of the cases, the people that committed active shooting in the United States had some very common attributes. The list I am providing is just the basics. As time goes on, I will reveal more attributes of how to identify potential active shooters, and when you should be so concerned that you call the police immediately. I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of the lists at once. As you read through these attributes, think of the individuals who fit these attributes, and start thinking about who you may want to watch more closely. The information below is part of a handout that I provide when I do consulting jobs and the Surviving and Preventing Active Shooters and Bombers in Houses of Worship.

Active Shooter Common Characteristics

According to the FBI, active shooters are typically male (94%), with the youngest recorded age being 13 years old and the oldest being 88 years old. The vast majority (87%) are under the age of 40. Common themes of past active shooters include:

• May lack social skills
• May have been a victim of teasing/bullying
• May have conflicts with co-workers
• May suffer from depression
• May reveal aggressive or explosive behavior
• May violate safety guidelines
• May not accept responsibility
• May be paranoid
• May have an interest in guns/weapons
• May not take criticism well
• May blame others
• Might threaten people
• May suffer emotional outbursts
• May have control and/or domestic violence issues

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