Appropriate Response

Every time there is a mass shooting you can count on a series of events.

First the Media will report on it endlessly.  I certainly don’t mean to imply such a horrific event isn’t newsworthy, but the news cycle of the 24/7 cable news means that every 45 minutes they repeat everything they’ve been saying for the last 45 minutes.  The result is a constant drum beat that as Mark pointed out (See The media and mass shootings) tends to excite further violence.

Second, and quite positively, as people become aware of the danger of their situation they start looking for answers.

The Dallas area NBC affiliate reported in an article titled Praying for Protection While Packing a Weapon: Thousands to Attend Security Conference in Plano.  That  Prestonwood Baptist church in Plano Texas will be hosting a security conference.

Thousands of miles away the Maryland Sheriff’s department, about 60 miles north of Washington was teaching the same principle Mark covered in Your role if a shooter or bomber gets in.  Namely, use the hymnal or Bible in your hand and hurl it at the assailant.   (See: ‘Smack them with a hymnal’ ).

I think this illustrates that there are two responses we can have to the prospect of a mass shooting in our church.  The first, like the media which constantly seeks sensationalism, is to incite fear.  Fear is not a godly response, neither is it a necessary response.  Instead of being afraid, seek to be prepared.

Preparation is the second, and I think far wiser response.  Take the time to assess what you would do today in the event of a mad man coming into your church.  What would you do?  What would your pastor do? What can you do?  Make a plan, get some training: and be prepared.

But don’t be afraid.

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