Saving Lives and Souls Foundation was founded in July of 2016 by Pastor Thomas Black, Firefighter Tim Barton, and Dr. Mark Warnick. 

After spending five years teaching how to survive an active shooter in a house of worship, Dr. Warnick felt that more houses of worship needed to know how to prevent and survive active shootings in houses of worship. He decided that the best way was to create a video based on seminars he had been teaching over the past five years. He approached Pastor Black, Tim Barton, and other Christians in his church, and it was decided the best avenue was to not only save lives with a video, but to start a foundation that would use the proceeds of the instructional video to further our Lord’s Mission.

The Video has been filmed on location at Fame Evangelical Church and is currently undergoing editing.


To save lives by selling a series of instructional videos and using the proceeds to assist churches and organizations that are doing God’s work through evangelism, missionary work, taking care of the poor and widowed, or who are helping others in Jesus’ name.