Be hyper-vigilant!

As much as it pains me to do this, I am asking all of the readers of hyper-vigilant. According to statistical data, there will be a mass shooting this week, or at the latest, the beginning of next week. While the statistics sometimes prove me wrong, they more often than not occur as predicted. Out of the last six mass shootings, the statistical information I collect has been correct five of the last six times. I pray that these statistics are wrong (as always), but seriously doubt they will be.

Make sure you are using your situational awareness skills to keep yourself and those around you safe. Be aware of every aspect of the environment around you. If you see something, say something. If something does not seem right, get out of the situation before a situation turns bad. It is far better to miss an event, than it is to be shot or witness others being shot.

Finally, DO NOT hesitate to contact law enforcement with any suspicions about anything. It is better to report something that amounts to nothing, than to feel responsible for not reporting a strange occurrence and something happens. Please join me in praying that the statistics are wrong this time!

I have been ill this past week and could not write a post due to being so ill. I feel better now, and should have another post later this week. Stay safe and hyper-vigilant, … Mark

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