Blog changes

After much thought and contemplation, the Board of Directors of Saving Lives and Souls has decided to make some changes to how often we publish our  blog at this time.

Due to the time constraints that myself, and that other board members face, we have decided that my commitment will be reduced in writing my part of the blog to only once per week. The reason for this is simple, providing this information and writing these blogs take time, and my talents are also needed elsewhere. I am still working on post-production of the instructional video, teaching university classes, attempting to finish a book, and providing seminars on active shooters. The blog has slowed all of these processes down substantially.

The information I have provided in the blog (to this point), has laid a basic foundation for churches to get started in preventing and surviving active shooters.  A church that has made the decision to protect their flock can obtain the basic information to protect their church and congregants from what I have posted in these blogs. They can at least get started from the information that has been shared via the blog. Should they have any questions, they can contact us and we will answer those questions, free of charge.

If you have made the decision to move forward, they should consider a seminar either for their church or even their community and include all houses of worship. Should you want a live seminar, we have suggestions of who to contact. These suggestions are based on a holistic approach of protecting the church with Gods word as the foundation. Those recommendations include contacting either:

Sheepdog Safety Training

Warnick and Associates

While there may be others out there, we are cautious with who we endorse. The reason, … we care about you! We do not want to recommend someone that may provide bad, incomplete, or non-scriptural information to you! If you have suggestions for other seminar providers, we would be happy to evaluate them for you and then potentially suggest them as well. These suggestions are not about making money for anyone, this is about protecting God’s children!

As we make this transition in our blog status, we look forward to any questions or suggestions. If it has not been covered in our blog, and it might be something useful that others may be interested in, either myself or one of the directors of the organization will address it in a blog, so everyone can learn more.

It is my pleasure to serve you in this ministry. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time through our “Contact us” form. Until the next blog, may God keep you safe, … Mark