Bombings: Could they be coming to a U.S. church?

Some of you are looking at the title of today’s blog and asking “Is he nuts, that isn’t a problem!”. Well, it may not be a problem in the United States yet, but I firmly believe it will be in the near future. Much like I predicted in 2004 that active shootings in churches would increase, I am predicting that we will see active bombers in the churches sometime in the near future.

We only need to look at the trends of the past to see some aspects of the future.  Specifically, I am look at the bombings in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Egypt (each a separate link) to understand how these bombings could be in our future. I also looked at the most recent attempt to bomb the New York City subway system. With the availability of how to make Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) being easy to find online, it also leads me to believe that this type of escalation is not far-fetched.

It is important to note that not only Christian Churches may be subject to these bombings. We need to also consider the possibility of bombing attacks on Jewish Synagogues, Muslim Mosques, Sihk Gurdwara’s, and many other types of houses of worship. To be quite honest, no house of worship should be excluded from the possibility that an IED may be used to cause death and destruction.

The individuals who will commit bombings in houses of worship (in my opinion) will be religious zealots. Several have come to mind when using this term. On both sides of the Muslim religion (Shiite and Sunni), radicals have caused death and destruction using IED’s in the name of Allah. They have instigated bombings and shootings against what they perceive to be infidels. If they did it in other countries, what makes us think that they wouldn’t also do the same to houses of worship in the United States?

Let me PLAINLY state Not all Muslims are radicalized!!! 

Only a small amount of Muslims have violent tendencies, and in almost every case they have been radicalized by specific groups, or they are supporting those groups by “Helping them out”. We should not judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few: this would be prejudicial, and it would not be based on the Word of God (love thy neighbor)

Zealots come in all types of religions. Think about the church bombing (and many others types of bombings) in Birmingham, AL during August of 1963. This was a zealot group causing death and destruction against a race, and based on zealot religious beliefs. In most of those bombings, the KKK and their religious followers were thought to be responsible for most, or all, of the bombings. As we look at zealots, we could see the potential for bombings coming from other groups that hold religious, racist, or governmental beliefs (e.g. Timothy McVeigh and the OKC bombing).

The point I am trying to make is that there are a large group of zealot organizations that are escalating their rhetoric. Data suggests that not only will active shootings will continue to increase, but also bombings. Instructions to create IED’s are a dime-a-dozen, and houses of worship are soft targets. Often, they can walk in and nobody will confront or question them.

While the aforementioned zealots are the most likely to commit bombings, we also cannot discount those with mental or psychiatric disorders. They too can cause death and destruction using IED’s, and more than a few individuals with these conditions can be capable of building bombs. In fact, the list of individuals who could cause death and destruction could go on, and on. Almost anyone can be the bad guy, even that nice man at the grocery store.

As I close for today, I wanted to let you know that throughout this week, I will be sharing how you can protect yourselves from bombings and bombers. I will also share strategies on how to increase your chances of survival should they get past you defenses. As we head to the New Year, this information may come in handy. Until tomorrow, … Mark

If you lack wisdom, …

I feel led to share the Bible verse from the book of James “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” (James 1:5  NIV). God can use many different ways to impart wisdom to us. Sometimes it comes from that small still voice, sometimes it comes from a person we meet, and sometimes it comes from  the internet (as well as other ways).

I am living proof that God will impart wisdom. When I started my quest to help save lives in church, I only knew the basic principles, and I was a novice. Now, six or so years later (and thousands of hours of research later), I have been provided amazing insights into preventing active shooters and bombers in church. It has become my ministry.

Dr. Mark S. Warnick (August, 2015)

I have been sharing my insights with you on how to keep your flock safe.  Up until this point, I have heard little feedback from you, the reader of this blog. As part of my ministry, I am more than someone that writes a blog; I am a resource for you. Whether you are a pastor, a church member, or someone that just occasionally attends a church (or even none of the above, God put me in this ministry to help you to be safe in these perilous times.

The point I am trying to make is I am a resource for you, and your church. Don’t sit in the darkness wondering the answer to a question about keeping your church safe. I am quite approachable, and more than willing to share important information. In the near future, we will be adding a comments section, once our resident geek, Thomas Black, adds some more security measures. When it comes live, please feel free to comment. Beyond that, we are always available for an email at You can also contact us through our Facebook page, or even ask us question that others can see.  Make sure to like the page while you are there.

I should also mention that I am not the only one involved in this ministry. God has sent others to be involved with this ministry as well. Each brings a different strength that supports our work and our mission. Pastor Thomas Black is our resident geek who has designed, built, and maintains our electronic presence. Tim Barton is great at providing feedback from the common person’s perspective and as the President of the Saving Lives and Souls Foundation, he maintains the business perspective (plus he makes an excellent looking bad guy in the video’s). Joe Davies has been involved with the artistic side as well as the public safety side for years. His experience in acting helped with the direction of the video, and he is actually to voice overs for the video right now. I also want to acknowledge the church family and friends that came a long way to help shoot this video. All of the actors you see in any of the videos are volunteers. They believe in the ministry, and they donate their time as needed. We are all here to help keep you (and your church family) safe.

In closing, we would love to hear from you! Your question may lead to a blog post about the issue that you want to gain more knowledge on. Please feel free to contact us, … Mark